About us

A Simple Philosophy. 

We started our studio because we thought photography was the most vital piece of the wedding experience. We were young, we were ambitious, and we were wrong. As the years passed and our own relationship grew it became abundantly clear that what we do for a living is not really about photography. 

It's about people. 

Meet my husand.  

Patrick is the lead storyteller, creative director, and overall captain of the ship. He is a wonderful husband and father. He likes to pretend he is in charge. He is known to laugh at his own jokes and keep explaining them until others laugh as well. One of his most admirable traits is his vision. In life, and behind the camera, he has the special ability to see what's not always so obvious. 

- Brittany

Meet my wife. 

Brittany is the studio director, photographer, and overall scheduler extraordinaire. She keeps the business and the family in smooth working order. She is a source of calm and stability in an otherwise turbulent occupation. Most of all, I am humbled each day by her sweet spirit and compassion for others. She helps me see the best in everyone and everything.

- Patrick

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