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How to Have the Perfect Wedding

3 Simple Steps to Having the Wedding of Your Dreams If you clicked this article knowing that the title is based on a false premise, good for you.¬†You are one step closer to the wedding of your dreams. Below are a few simple steps for a wonderful wedding experience. Step 1 – Perspective Begin your […]
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Cincinnati Freedom Center Wedding | Heather & Matt

Many people in Matt’s life know that he was featured as a former bachelor in Cosmo. Ironically enough his infamous bachelor status would eventually lead to finding his partner for life. When Heather and the rest of her co-workers found out about his bachelor status she had no choice but to chime in with the […]
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Covington Wedding At The Grand | Maggie & Nick

Maggie and Nick are those people that you remember years after you meet them. Maggie has that room illuminating smile and Nick has that southern charm. They met at a greek event at school and made an immediate connection. The next day Nick asked Maggie to celebrate his dog’s birthday. (which is my favorite part […]
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