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Cincinnati Wedding Photography | Julia & Norman

Julia and Norman met each other as freshman at The Ohio State University.  As luck would have it they ended up living right across the hall from each other.  A friendship developed early on and these two found out just how special their relationship would become.  Julia and Norman are the kind of people that […]

How To Make Your Wedding Memorable | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Let’s face it.  Weddings take a ton of planning.  And the reality is that most of the details that you’ve spent months preparing for will fade away after your wedding is over.  So how do you hold on to what’s most important from your wedding day? If you ask most of the best wedding photographers […]

Kristen & Eric | Cincinnati Engagement Photography

These two get an award for braving the 95 degree heat, stomping around in this crazy field with us, and smiling about it the whole time.  Congrats to Kristen and Eric who tie the knot in just a few short weeks!!