Most of the time couples that go through the wedding planning process are new to the whole thing.  There is so much information about wedding planning, wedding tips, things you should do things you shouldn’t do, blogs, websites, apps.. the list goes on.
We have been in the wedding business… specifically wedding photographers in the Cincinnati area for a decade.  We have also had the privilege of photographing at some of the best wedding venues in Cincinnati.  One of the benefits of working in the wedding industry for so long is that we accumulate knowledge in lots of different areas.. so we LOVE it when we can pass along information to our clients that will help make there day better, easier, less stressful, more enjoyable.. all those things that are going to contribute to an incredible wedding day.  Because of that.. we are launching a series on the blog geared around one of our favorite wedding tips.
It is no secret that we LOVE all-in-one venues.  Now.. what do we mean by that?  An all-in-one venue is where the wedding ceremony and reception take place at the same venue.  However, we are taking that one step further.  We are specifically looking for venues that also give our clients a beautiful space to get ready… and of course these locations must have great photography locations within walking distance.  And we aren’t just talking about outside but inside as well.
We all know that one of the biggest stressors on the wedding day is what in the world the weather is going to do!  If everything is happening at a central location… you and your guests don’t have to worry about traveling in bad weather.. and even better… you have a built in spot for photos INSIDE in case the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor photos.  Inside options for wedding photography are hard to come by.. so you’ll be way ahead of the game if you can secure a venue that gives you this option!
So!  With all that in mind.. we have several venues that we have worked with over the years that meet all of these criteria.  We will be featuring one venue at a time to show you an in depth look at how we photography an entire day at that location!
The first venue we are featuring is the Contemporary Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati.  We’ll begin with the getting ready space.  They have several large rooms with lots of beautiful natural light.  They also have space enough to hold guys and girls so it’s perfect for couples who want to get ready in the same space (but don’t worry we are pros at making sure you don’t see each other until it’s time).
A bonus.. is absolutely stunning light and lines for portraits!
Next up.. the indoor photo opportunities are endless!  On this particular day that weather was beautiful outside.. but when the indoor space is as beautiful as this we had to spend some time shooting around the building.  The venue does a great job of letting you know when and where you can go and since they only host one wedding per date you’ll have the place to yourself for a time.
Within walking distance are some of the most beautiful streets around downtown Cincinnati.  Lots of texture and good light and if you are looking for a photo location for a large bridal party or a small bridal party.. this area can accommodate both!
Working our way back into the ceremony.. the space is setup in the foyer of the building and is large enough for about 200 people.  This place has no shortage of natural light coming from every direction.
After the ceremony you and your guests can head upstairs to a floor that is setup just for your cocktail hour.  During this time your the venue team is preparing the room for the reception on the main floor.
As the sun starts to go down… the room comes alive and the city lights surround you as you enjoy dinner and toasts with your guests on the main floor.  After that it’s down stairs for dancing!
After toasts have concluded, it’s time to make your way downstairs for dancing.  The variety you get in lighting and color from top to bottom at this venue is incredible.  If you are looking for a contemporary wedding venue and a modern wedding feel we highly recommend the Contemporary Arts Center.  You can honestly spend all of your photo time inside or outside depending on your day and have more locations than time to shoot!
If you would like more information about using this modern and contemporary space for your Cincinnati wedding venue click the link below to visit their website!
We hope you enjoyed this venue feature and will be back with more!!  As always we are always looking to be a resource to our couples who may have questions about the planning process.. what works best in our experience… and we are happy to help however we can so please reach out if we can help in some way :)!

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