Right now we are in a series of blog posts about one of our favorite things… all-in-one Cincinnati wedding venues.  These venues offer  space for all of the events of your day to happen in one location.

What do we consider an all-in-one venue? 

  1. Must have a space for guys and girls to get ready.  Large enough to accommodate your hair and makeup crew.
  2.  Must have space to hold a ceremony and a reception.
  3.  Must have outdoor photography options that are within walking distance.
  4.  Must have indoor photography options available.
 *The indoor photography space is crucial.  This gives you a plan B if the weather isn’t ideal and helps eliminate stress on your wedding day.
We are featuring  Pinecroft Crosley Estate this week. This venue meets all of our requirements and more!  We are going to talk through a wedding day from start to finish and show you all of the benefits to using a venue like Pinecroft.  The estate is 18 acres of beauty and it is really unmatched in terms of how much space it offers with this type of venue!  It is also located close to downtown Cincinnati.  The best part is that though it seems big, the feeling of this place is very intimate so it works for large weddings without feeling cramped and it works for small weddings without feeling too big.  It’s quite remarkable and kind of like a magic trick :).  
Getting Ready
This venue is a mansion.  Literally.  It is a very large historic property with rooms upon rooms flowing with natural light.  They have suites upstairs and downstairs so the guys and girls can comfortably be in the same building but far enough away that you don’t feel like you’ll accidentally run into each other (before the time comes).
Indoor Photography Locations
This venue has so much historic charm.  The options inside for photography are endless.  There is enough space and variety to create some beautiful images that are natural and dramatic.  It makes our list for a reason – forget what the weather is doing – make time to take photos inside!
Outdoor Photography Locations
The reason this venue is the full package is because you could spend all of your time photographing inside, just to walk outside and find a playground of light and texture and landscape.  We love this property.
We hear lots of brides say that they have always dreamed of having an outdoor ceremony but they are nervous about what the weather might do.  Most of the time your outdoor ceremony venues have a backup plan for rain so just ask!  The key here is yes, be excited for your dream outdoor wedding to happen… but choose a venue that makes you excited no matter what the weather is doing.  
The weather is not everything and as vendors we have had lots of practice problem solving less than ideal weather conditions.  Just make sure you plan accordingly and make sure that the plan B ceremony space can accommodate the amount of guests that you need.  Where Pinecroft has the advantage here is that their overall property has so much value! They also have an amazing team that will absolutely make sure you are taken care of on your wedding day.  That’s an important thing to look for when choosing your wedding venue.  
If you are hosting a cocktail hour for your guests, Pinecroft can set up for that indoor and outdoor to accommodate your day.  Whether you will be joining your guests for cocktails or using this time to take photos around the property, there is plenty of space for your guests to walk and mingle during this transitional time.  Guests can also use this time to locate the seating chart and sign a guest book if those are things you are planning on.
As cocktails wrap up guests will make their way to the reception.  The space is just beautiful.  It brings in a ton of natural light and then transitions into a romantic and glowy atmosphere as the sun goes down.  
Pinecroft Crosley Estate is arguably one of the best wedding venues in Cincinnati!  If you’d like to know more you can contact their team about availability right here.  

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