Cincinnati Wedding Venues | 21 C Museum Hotel

Thanks for joining us in our series about the best all-in-one Cincinnati wedding venues!  We are big believers in all-in-one venues because they have so much to offer and give you a space for everything on your wedding day to happen in one location.  

What do we consider an all-in-one venue? 

ONE – We are looking for enough room for everyone to get ready.  This means girls, guys, and space for your hair and makeup to setup shop.

TWO – We are looking for ceremony and reception space.

THREE – We are looking for photography locations outside that your crew can comfortable walk to.

FOUR – We are looking for photography opportunities inside the venue.

 *The most important of these that brides and grooms may not think about when booking a venue, is the ability to take photos inside the venue.  Trust us.  Having the ability to take photos inside your venue should the need arise, is the key to lifting the weight of “weather” off your shoulders later on down the line.  
This week we feature 21 C Museum Hotel Cincinnati. If you are looking for a modern downtown Cincinnati wedding venue this is such a great option!  An obvious perk to having your wedding at a hotel is that you have the option for nightly accommodations for any guests traveling from out of town.  It offers a few things that you just can’t get anywhere else.  Our favorite feature at this venue is the rooftop that overlooks the city of Cincinnati.  That space is also available for rent for rehearsal dinners!  How awesome would that be to bring your entire crew in to stay at the hotel, and have your rehearsal on the rooftop with an incredible view AND not have to leave to do your actual rehearsal for the ceremony.  Amazing.  In this post we are going to walk you through a wedding day at 21 C from start to finish to give you an idea of what to expect as you move through each event in the day.  
Getting Ready
21 C has you covered on space.  Depending on how much space you need you can book a room for getting ready that accommodates your girls and guys comfortably.  You may opt for a larger suite if hair and makeup will be joining you (recommended!).  It also makes it easy for your photo and video crews to catch guys and girls getting ready.   
Outside Photo Location
21 C is right in the heart of of downtown Cincinnati.  The rooftop of the hotel is beautifully landscaped and surrounded by the Cincinnati sky line.  Just outside the building are a few of the best streets in the city for color and texture.  
Indoor Photography Locations
The hotel has several areas that are full of natural light and beautiful lines.  You also have access to the gallery areas if you are looking for some more contemporary backdrops.  It’s large enough to photography a full bridal party and has lots of variety!  
The hotel has several options depending on the size of your event.  They can accommodate a small intimate group, or events up to 200 people.  A unique feature to getting married in a space like this is the ability to have more freedom in the way the space looks.  The sky is the limit in terms of your wedding design for the space.  We love how Catherine and Zach brought their energy to the room with balloons and streamers!  
While the venue transitions from ceremony into reception, your guests will have space to enjoy some cocktails!  This is also the time for signing a guest book, unloading gifts and cards, and finding seat assignments for dinner.  
It’s amazing how different a space can look from ceremony to reception.  And how quickly the team at your venue can make it happen!  
Another really cool thing that they offer is help in planning an eco-conscious event!  They can give guidance on locally sourced meal planning, as well as recyclable goods that can help reduce environmental impact.  Their event planners are happy to help guide you get creative on ways to be good to the earth while having your event.
Oh… and if you are wondering what is up with all the penguins?  You can read about that in their blog post The History of Our Penguins.
If you’d like to learn more about 21 C you can contact their team here!