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Cincinnati Wedding Photography | Emily & Kyle

Some people just have a natural sweetness about them.  Every interaction with them leaves you smiling.  Emily is that person.  She and Kyle met at a New Years Eve Party just before he was set to move across the world and spend several months in Australia.  10,000 miles couldn’t keep them apart.  They dated long distance… […]

How to Have the Perfect Wedding

3 Simple Steps to Having the Wedding of Your Dreams If you clicked this article knowing that the title is based on a false premise, good for you. You are one step closer to the wedding of your dreams. Below are a few simple steps for a wonderful wedding experience. Step 1 – Perspective Begin your […]

Cincinnati Freedom Center Wedding | Heather & Matt

Many people in Matt’s life know that he was featured as a former bachelor in Cosmo. Ironically enough his infamous bachelor status would eventually lead to finding his partner for life. When Heather and the rest of her co-workers found out about his bachelor status she had no choice but to chime in with the […]

Covington Wedding At The Grand | Maggie & Nick

Maggie and Nick are those people that you remember years after you meet them. Maggie has that room illuminating smile and Nick has that southern charm. They met at a greek event at school and made an immediate connection. The next day Nick asked Maggie to celebrate his dog’s birthday. (which is my favorite part […]

Keeneland Wedding | Alexa & Greg

Alexa and Greg met and fell in love at the University of Kentucky. Their love for the commonwealth inspired their beautiful outdoor wedding at Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky. Their sweet puppy has been by their side and enjoying the wedding journey as well, and joined the couple on their engagement session and then made a […]

Indian Hill Wedding | Libby & David

It was freshman year. It was The Ohio State University. It was Smith Hall. It was the 11th floor. It was where Libby and David first met and neither knew at the time that their lives would forever be changed by the interaction. Years later, Libby moved to Cincinnati and their friendship blossomed into something… […]
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