Let’s face it.  Weddings take a ton of planning.  And the reality is that most of the details that you’ve spent months preparing for will fade away after your wedding is over.  So how do you hold on to what’s most important from your wedding day?

If you ask most of the best wedding photographers in Cincinnati… they’ll say the same thing.  Take the time to do things that you’ll remember from your wedding day.  The emotions that you feel… the words you write, the thoughts you read… those things will follow you.  Remember to take time for those moments.  Yes… some things are spontaneous and will happen naturally.  But the honest truth is that your day will be packed full and it will fly by!

If you are thinking here we go… another thing I need to worry about “make sure you have time for this or that”… use the people that you hire!  Your wedding planner.. your photographer.. your videographer!  Trust me that we LOVE to help you plan for special things and we love being a part of it and helping to come up with creative ways to make your moments look good!  So let us be a part of that.  And don’t wait until the wedding day.  Start thinking now and communicating with your vendors about what you’d like and then let us build it into your timeline for you before the wedding.  That is the key!

There are lots of ideas out there but today I’m talking about one in particular.  Writing letters.  In a time where we rarely see hand written notes.. everything is texted or e-mailed or messaged.  This is something that a lot of couples incorporate and for good reason.  It is a tangible way to hold on to all of the things you were feeling on your wedding day.  It is also something that we encourage couples to do throughout their marriage.  Sometimes communicating can be hard and it is easier to write down your thoughts.

Write letters to each other for your anniversary… when milestones happen in your marriage and you want to remember the way you felt the day you found out you were having your first baby.  Keep them and save them and one day your grandkids will find a box full of letters.  They will get to go on that journey with you.  I’m speaking from experience where some of my most treasured items are handwritten letters from people that are no longer here.  It is a simple act that takes minutes… but makes an impact that you’ll never see the end of.





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